5 most dangerous insects in the world


I’ve never been a fan of insects, which is probably one of the reasons I didn’t get to spend a lot of time outdoors. I was spooked by all the bugs out there, and my parents couldn’t help me cope with my fear in any way. Things got a bit worse when I started researching various insects online. I was horrified of the dangers they could pose to a human being.

For a while, I entertained the idea of moving to Australia, partly because I wanted to leave my old life behind and partly because it seemed a cool adventure. Unfortunately, I found out that some of my friends who had immigrated to the land Down Under were having a lot of trouble dealing with the huge insects in their homes.

Of course, the reality of bugs is ever-present in the States, as well, where cockroaches can get to a pretty impressive size. To cut things short, I’m going to tell you all about the 5 deadliest insects in the world today.

  1. Bot Fly

The Bot Fly can be found mostly in South and Central America. One of the grossest things about this insect is that it deposits its eggs underneath the superficial skin layer of mammals, including humans. The larvae can live in the subdermal zones of the skin for as many as sixty days and more.


  1. Tsetse Fly

This type of insect is one of the most dangerous ones that are native to Africa. They feed on the blood of mammals, but their taste in victims isn’t all that picky as they basically prefer the taste of any vertebrate. What makes it dangerous is not that it is a blood-sucking bug, but the fact that it releases a toxin every time it strings the skin of humans and animals. The venom makes the victim sleepy, and given that the symptoms aren’t specific, a string can easily lead to fatality.


  1. Killer Bee

The problem with killer bees is not that they are dangerous per se. In fact, the toxin of an individual might hardly cause you harm. However, the issue with killer bees is that they attack in groups. Colonies of over 70,000 members can be attacked by humans, in which case the bees are alert for as many as 24 hours and can kill anything that comes their way.


  1. Mosquito

Believe it or not, mosquitoes are the deadliest insects ever to have seen the face of the Earth, and that is because they are the main vector for malaria disease transmission. They cause over one million deaths per year. It’s estimated that every thirty seconds or so, a child dies from this disease.

  1. Driver Ant

Because they have remarkably strong mandibles, driver ants are way more dangerous than their regular counterparts. They can make dozens of wounds on animals and humans alike and they raid the nests of other insects that they kill, if they need their food.



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